C M PURIFIERS Company specialized in all kinds of water purification elements such as Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration, Reverse Osmosis systems, UV Sterlization and Components like Water Filter Cartridges, Membranes, TDS Meter, PH Tester and all related water filteration spare parts and accessories. We are proud of the fact that we can satisfy all the requirements relating to domestic water purifiers and their components in each and every corner of India. All the products meet international specifications. The products apply to the fields of domestic as well as commercial water treatment.

Watch video to educate your self about water purification technologies

This video explains the Differences between Reverse Osmosis, Ultrafiltration & Ultraviolet Water Purification Technology. The purpose behind making this video is to create an awareness about the difference between Water Purification Technologies as mostly consumers while buying any water purifier give more preference to Brand, Price & Looks, instead of choosing the right technology of purifier that suits their requirement.

For buying best water purifires watch this video

This video produced by ‘C M Purifiers’. In this video C M Enterprises, Mumbai based company explain people about features, advantages & benefits about their 3 different models in Water Purifiers. The first model named DOVE, we discountinued due to some technical issues. You can choose among remaining three models Cute, Aqua Touch and sleek. There are no information about two models, Eco and Water Net which you will find on Domestic Product page.

Purificaion Methods for different contaminants in water

Purification process 1

Ultrafiltration Membrane (UF)

Microorganisms, Colloids, Excess Turbidity, TDS up to 200 mg/ltr. Suitable For Municipal Supply, Dam & River Water.

Nenofiltration Membrane (NF)

Arsenic, Heavy Metals, Pesticides, TDS Between 200 to 500 mg/ltr. Suitable For Highly Contaminated River Open Well & Mix Water (Well + Municipal Supply).

Reverse Osmosis Membrane (RO)

Excess Salts Like Calcium Magnesium, Nitrates, Chloride, Sodium, Floride, TDS 500 mg/ltr. - 2000 mg/ltr Suitable For Borewell & Open Well Water.

Our New Products


Technology – UF / UF + UV / NF / RO
Slim design & beautiful Looks.
Magnetic Locks.
Easy to open.
3 Liters air tight tank.
Water tank can be empty till last drop.


Technology – NF + UV / RO + UV
6 Liters storage tank capacity
Wall hanging as well as Table Top.
With Semi – Transparent pre filter housing for better maintenance.
Convenient to change Membrane as respect to changes in inlet water TDS.


Technology – UF / UF + UV
9 Liters Detachable Storage Tank.
Wall hanging as well as Table top.
Can easily remove Bacteria & Viruses.
Effective for high turbidity water.
No water wastage.